March 20, 2020

These certainly are some trying times. I was thinking about motivation today. It is a word that is often tied to exercise. Lately I have been getting messages from some folks talking about their lack of motivation. Here is my view on it.

We don't rise to the level of our motivation, we fall to the level of our habits. With so many of us being out of our normal routine, it is time that we start building new habits/routines. If you were used to going to the gym at 5:30 pm everyday, and suddenly that has stopped, your routine has been broken. While this may feel difficult to overcome, it is life. We are constantly challenged with new situations that are out of our control. We can control how we respond to them. So my challenge for you today, is to start a new routine/habit during these days of social distancing. Start with doing the CFE Home workouts here on this blog. Staying moving and active is absolutely essential to keeping your mind positive.

Another suggestion is to start doing that thing you say you never have time for. Maybe it is reading, practicing an instrument, writing an article, or cleaning the garage. You will probably never have as much disposable time on your hands as you have now. If this isn't leading you to do that thing you say you don't have time for, maybe time wasn't the issue!

Together let's make the absolute most out of this situation.

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